How much does it cost to rent the venue?

There is a cost of course to rent the venue and it varies depending

on the services required and number attending etc.

Vivian's will be more than happy to work with you on your event and within your budget.

~ BUT ~

What if you could have your event - with any / or ALL options - and you actually MAKE MONEY?!!

Vivian's now offers a web-based ticketing service that allows you to spread the cost over all those that attend! 

You can set your ticket price to cover costs or even make money!  Great if your event is a fund raiser!!

(You can even let your friends, family make money from what they sell with FREE affiliate program)

Once NET ticket sales equal your event cost - then the your event is technically - FREE!!

Every dollar made in ticket sales above the event cost then the excess is split

- 50/50 -

with you or your organization!!

Fine Print:

  • There is a non-refundable setup fee per event. As low as $10 but varies based on your requirements.

  • Event date is not booked or guaranteed until at least $1145 of tickets sold or $100 deposit is made.

  • You get FREE marketing assistance to promote your event including web landing page, flyers you can print and up to 3 - free email blasts. (email lists, images, text can be uploaded via website)

  • You will get FREE access to scan to redeem or sell tickets at door with smart phone app.  (you will need android / apple smart phone)

  • Any fees for credit card / ticketing / door fees can be extended to buyer of ticket - or - covered by you or your organization.  There will be a 10% fee of gross sales to cover ticketing services.  FYI: You can add to price of ticket.

  • You or your organization will be responsible for ticket pricing, head count, ticket validation, scanning redemption and/or refunds.

  • If found to be skirting ticketing system or taking entrance fees "under the table" any deposits will be forfeited, event will be immediately shut down with no refunds or any future events booked with Vivian's. 

  • All cash received at door must be turned over to Vivian's at end of event.  Shortages based on audit will be covered by you or your organization.

  • All funds will be released to you or your organization within approx 7 to 10 business days after all fees, taxes and costs are covered via PayPal.

  • 1099 may be required

  • All Standard contract agreements apply.  Read Contract carefully